How Can I Access Routerlogin.Net Using The Serial Number Of WNDR3400 Router?

Before letting you know the instructions to access using serial number, there is a query for you. Do you ever ‘Enable Password Recovery’ of your router? If yes then you can follow the below steps to use the serial number to reach admin page.

  • Generally, make the Netgear Setup of you WNDR3400 Router establishing a connection between the Router, Modem and your Device.
  • Access your device and browse the Netgear Router Default Gateway and hit on the Enter Key on your keyboard, if you are doing this on a  mobile then click on ‘go’ or ‘ok’  to proceed ahead.
  • Next, you will reach to Netgear Router Login Page to confirm the username and password.
  • Click on the Cancel option that is appearing at the bottom opposite to Login option.
  • If you have enabled the Password Recovery, the window will open asking for router’s serial number. Here, you can fill the serial number and click on the Continue option.


  • The screen may display some security question which answers are necessary to be given by the users. Finally, you will access the page

This can happen only if you have Enable Password Recovery. If you never ever do this setting you will be unable to use the serial number to access Routerlogin. So, in order to make the setting to use the serial number for routerlogin access, you can follow these instructions:

  • Access Home Page
  • Go the main menu and click on the Set Password
  • Here is a checkbox of ‘Enable Password Recovery’ and click on this check box as well as click on the Apply to save the settings.

Settings are done. In future, if you forget or lost the password then simply follow the above method to get into using the Router’s serial number. Further, if you are getting any problem with your password then reset your router get back to routerlogin using the default Netgear Router Password. The reset will get  you to default factory setting  by removing the customized settings.